The story of Sarphatikade 12


Sarphatikade 12

Opening Year
Aedes' Role
Investor & Developer
Sold in 2012

Classical beauty

Opposite the beautiful back of the Amstel Hotel, Sarphatikade 12 is what at first appears to be a stately office building dating from 1878. The formal, classical facade is a prelude to what the interior has to offer; classical beauty. White marble in the vestibule, the original Italian stone floor in the entrance hall and a richly decorated staircase with its imposing stairwell determine the atmosphere as soon as you enter. Original details can be found in all rooms, such as high decorative ceilings and the various fireplaces, one of which is decorated with an original 19th-century painting. The complete interior of this 850 m2 building was restored in 2007 and 2009.

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