The story of La Heredia

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La Heredia

At the beginning of the 19th century a rich industrialist from Rioja bought a large piece of land in Andalusia, Spain. His name was Don Manuel Agustín Heredia. Around 180 years later two brothers, distant relatives of Don Manuel, came up with the idea of building a village in this most beautiful location in the region. Paco Parladé, a talented architect and his brother Jaime, who later became one Spain's most famous interior architects, were passionate about the project. There was no discussion about the name: La Heredia. Forty years on, we created a luxury boutique hotel in the village with its own authentic chic.

Opening Year
Expected in 2024
Aedes' Role
Investor, Developer & Operator
In Development

Spectacular views

One of the things which makes La Heredia so magical is its beautiful location. The village is built slightly inland, at 850 meters above sea level, against a backdrop of the rolling Ronda Mountains. The Spanish call this Mar y Montana’s which roughly means close enough to be able to enjoy the sea, but far enough away to avoid the tourist crowds. This elevated position in the hills above the Costa del Sol makes La Heredia not only an oasis of peace, it also provides a breath-taking view. The future hotel's rooftop terrace offers views over the Spanish coast, the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar coastline of North Africa and even the Rif Mountains on a clear day. That’s simply beautiful during the day and in the evening, it is truly magical. 

A key role for local culture

The Parladé brothers were totally convinced about integrating local Andalusian culture into the design of the village. The houses and villas, streets, alleys and squares and also their interiors; literally everything was designed – down to the smallest, often handmade details – with respect for authenticity. And where possible, original doors, decorative fencing and other objects were incorporated into the new buildings. Their tenacity resulted in a colourful and playful, extremely atmospheric location incorporating lots of terracotta, white plaster and beautiful ceramics. The brothers also made a sympathetic gesture by naming the streets after people formerly associated with their family: for example, the Calle Francisco Ramos is named after the family woodsman and the Calle Ana Tropillo bears the name of the goat-keeper's wife. 

An intimate, luxurious boutique hotel

In the spirit of Paco and Jaime Parladé's original designs, on the outskirts of La Heredia we transformed a former office building, a villa and a parking garage into an intimate, sustainably responsible boutique hotel. The 27 rooms differ in size, but not in atmosphere or comfort. Historic simplicity, originality and a colourful richness give substance to the Andalusian character of the hotel. 

Intimacy is not only found in the guest rooms, but also in public areas such as a communal living room on the ground floor with a small tapas bar and the roof terrace with pool and bar. In front of the hotel there is a courtyard where various food concepts and small shops form part of the hotel's operation and provide a pleasant liveliness. 

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